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Colestin Caprines Inc.
P.O. Box 1197
Ashland, OR 97520
 (541) 821-8291

Colestin Caprines Goat Milk Soap began in 1995 as a cottage industry here on our own ranchland in southern Oregon. Our dairy goat herd feeds freely on open range forage, supplemented with grain, grass and alfalfa hay, which provides them with a high-quality varied diet, and contributes in turn to the richness of their milk. We filter and use only the freshest of this milk for our products.

Our own two foundation does went on to produce many more generations of goats: Colestin Caprines is now a 78-member herd (bucks included), that works to support itself with goat milk soap products, while lowering the area's annual fire danger fuel loads. We still sell our soap through local venues and local farmer's markets, and now ship our products across the country, and have international customers as well.

We offer you our prepared gift-boxed, logo-imprinted soap sets, each containing three different bars of soap.   Choose from 7 categories. The soaps in each prepared gift set differ within the category. ("Unscented" sets vary; see below.)

If you prefer, we are happy to prepare customized gift sets with your own choices of three particular fragrances: you select each set from within one of the categories.  

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