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Bilrite Farms
Cactus Point-Equipment
Colestin Caprines - Soap
Corncrib Treasures-Gifts
Dolls by Becky
DVMGA -Tshirts
Earthscents Soaps
Faithful Farm Nubians
Faith Mountain Farm
GoatGifts - Wood & Stream
Heifer International
Jekuthiel's Hotpads
Khimaira Farm-Gifts&Supplies
Khimaira WebHosting
Kicking Bird - Cards
Laurelstone Soaps
McRanch Fiber
Mississippi DGA Cookbook
RafterCSJ -MyFarm Software
Rebels-Run Crafts
Rockin CB Lamanchas
Split Creek Cheese & Fudge
Sunday Soap & Scent
Udderly Delightful Soap
WebNanny Web Designs
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In 1981, author and Khimaira Farm owner, Linda Campbell, published the print  version of her book, The Whole Goat Catalog .  We quickly sold out of  10,000 copies! The goal was to print more versions, but with the needs of an expanding family and business, it was not done.  Since then, we continue to get inquiries about buying TWGC, so we are now providing the information in an online version here...with many enhancements!  

Our Mission:  To provide an opportunity for goat owners/breeders to find  "everything goat" while providing an economical and effective way for companies and individuals to present their products to the world! 

Take A Look at Our Results!

In addition to a wide range of goat-related products and equipment, our expanding Directory of Goat Farms will guide you to finding quality goats from around the world!  

As an established goat farm for more than 30 years (and #2 in Google for "goat farm"!), we get thousands of inquiries about buying goats and goat-related products.  We will be directing those inquiries to
sources in The Whole Goat Catalog!



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Marketing on the web demands a combination of efforts, in order to be successful.  It's not just about having a website!  We have had a business online for around 8 years now (and have been 'in business' for over 30 years), and with other experience in marketing consulting, we've learned a thing or two about getting results.   We still make an effort to advertise in different areas, as this brings new customers.

TheWholeGoatCatalog is one of those 'advertising opportunities'.   What it will do is several fold.  First, the obvious is an easy way for customers who have similar interests (in this case...goats!) to find things in one spot.  That in and of itself is the best kind of marketing you can do!  It maximizes your exposure and gives you the most opportunity for finding new customers.  It also adds another 'credible' link to your website, and that is important in search engine placement!

Next, it gives more validity to your business.  It also gives people a chance to easily order online, if you don't already have a shopping cart.  We've found that the value of exposure such as this shop is as much for the future than for the 'now'.  People bookmark places like this, and come back later when they are ready to buy.  It's the long term benefit that is even more of value.    Also, we find that often times folks will visit the shop here, and then just go directly to your site to order.  Unless you have a way of tracking that, you wouldn't know that it originated with your Shop at TWGC!  So, survey your customers and learn how they find you!

Thanks for considering us, and please let us know how we might be of assistance!  With our background in marketing, we're ready to
share our experience and knowledge to help your business!

GO HERE to sign up now!  No payments upfront!  You only pay AFTER we get your shop ready to go and it meets your total approval!

The Khimaira Team


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